The Galley by Paul Howard

The Galley by Paul Howard
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Summary: During the time of Nero a young Roman is mistaken for a Christian and condemned to the galleys. Soon he finds himself a slave aboard the new super secret warship, The Antonia. Surrounded by misfits, inventors and fighters he leads a slave rebellion and takes over as captain. But he soon learns that Antonia is part of a pet project of the Emperor: to build a new Empire of Nero! Armed with new weapons and the fastest ship in the world, he and his fellow slaves are now able to sail to freedom. But first, they have unfinished business with Rome! A historic novel like no other, The Galley is a wild roller coaster ride through an ancient world of excitement and adventure on the high seas where anything can happen and often does. As our hero’s travels take him from the Great Fire of Rome to one of the strangest battles ever fought, he finds romance and intrigue awaiting him at every turn.